Found "the upper limit" of a Hobart N-50

Found "the upper limit" of a Hobart N-50

In preparation for a for a “Tonka Bean Bread Pudding” to serve 50, I was mixing up a double batch of Peter Reinhart’s Challah in my Ankarsrum but it was just not getting a good mix even after switching over to the dough hook.

It looked like it would _just_ barely fit in the 5 Qt. Bowl of my Hobart N-50, and it did.

2 minutes on first speed went no problem. Gave it a 5 minute rest and started it up again, for the first two minutes everything was fine. At minute 3 I heard something I have never heard out of any Hobart mixer, the motor started to bog down. By minute 4 the mixer was severely straining and giving off the tell-tale “overheating electrical” smell. I quickly shut it down, removed the dough hook and let it run for a few minutes to cool the motor back down.

No harm no foul, but I’ll know not to try that ever again.

Source: Fresh Loaf