German Beer Rye… From Russia

German Beer Rye… From Russia

Submitted by TwoBreadedBoy on August 16, 2015 – 9:37pm.

I felt I owed the good people of TFL an apology for my previous bread (which, oddly enough, was very good!). That apology, it seems, will have to come in the form of these nice little dark rye batards.

The idea for this bread came from the Youtube Channel Rus Brod. He has some excellent recipes for scalded rye breads, usually made according to GOST. However, his recipes are all in Russian. This one, however, seems to have come from a German recipe. While he shaped his dough into a sort of boule (Though with such a high percentage of rye, shaping is very different from a wheat bread) and placed it in a proofing basket seam side down. However, I stuck these in baskets for half the second rise and flipped them out onto parchment paper to score them. I then let them continue rising on the parchment paper for the next half of the second rise. I followed the recipe from the youtube user, except I only had dark rye flour. Therefore, instead of being partially composed of light rye, all the rye in this recipe is dark. I made up for this with a couple of teaspoons of of vital wheat gluten. I also used substituted part of the beer in this recipe with yogurt whey (and fed my starter with whey). I cut down on the baking time as well, as I made two loaves instead of one. Anyway, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to taste it.


If anyone is interested in making this bread or would like recipes for Russian scalded rye breads, I would be happy to translate some.

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