Get a One Cup Coffee Maker, Enjoy the Difference

One cup coffee makers are no longer an oddity, no longer the domain of coffee addicts alone. They are actually a very convenient and efficient way for anyone and everyone to make coffee on a daily basis.

As the name suggests, a one cup coffee maker will brew a single cup of coffee with each use. To do so, the machine requires a coffee pod (others use what have become popularly known as "k-cups"), which is a self-contained unit that includes sufficient ground coffee for a single serving and a small filter.

The one cup coffee maker pushes just the right amount of hot water through the pod for a perfect brew.

So, why would you want one of these coffee makers? Some of the reasons may be obvious from the above description, others less so.

The first big reason to get a one cup coffee maker is to save money. Most people who use a traditional drip coffee maker consistently make more coffee than they can or should drink. It is not uncommon to see people make a pot of coffee, drink half, and leave the rest to go cold and later be dumped down the sink drain.

The next reason is freshness. The longer coffee sits in a pot on the warm pad, the more bitter it becomes. This problem is completely eliminated by using coffee pods and making only one cup at a time. And do not worry – these machines produce a cup of coffee pretty quickly, so even if you need to make for yourself and several companions, the time required to do so will still be less than it takes a drip machine to make a full pot .

The resulting brew is also something to pay attention to. When measuring your own coffee in a drip machine, it can be easy to make coffee too strong or too weak. A one cup coffee maker produces exactly the same level of brew every time, and it's adjustable.

Lastly, at least for this non-exhaustive list, is that it's much easier to try out different types and flavors of gourmet coffee when using coffee pods. There are hundreds of types and flavors available, and you only need to buy a small number of pods to try each one. By comparison, trying a new flavor or type of coffee for a drip maker usually requires buying a whole bag of ground or whole beans.

In these days of living more efficiently and frugally, it just makes sense to get a one cup coffee maker.

Source by Craig Dexter