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How to Select the Perfect Cutting Board The fact there as so many types of cutting board all over is unbelievable. This makes it even harder to differentiate the good cutting boards from the fake ones. The cutting boards come in many different sizes, shapes and makes. Different types of cutting boards include wooden boards, plastic boards, Corian cutting boards and tempered glass cutting boards. All these boards may be suited for different tasks in the kitchen. Consider the following points before selecting the perfect cutting board. The cutting board size should be seriously considered. This fact may be somehow controversial since many people may argue that the kitchen size should be the important factor to be considered before selecting a cutting board. Essentially, the kitchen size does not really matter at all when selecting a good cutting board. The size of the board should be based on what the board will be used for in the kitchen. For example, if the board will be used for chopping up meat, then you should select a medium sized cutting board for that job. Another factor to consider is the thickness of the cutting board. Purchasing the thickest cutting board in the store is not necessarily the best thing to do. It would be unusual to have a cutting board which is so heavy to carry around in the kitchen. Having a thick board in the kitchen would look good but wouldn’t be sufficient in the home setting. On the other hand, a very thick cutting board would be suitable for a butcher where the board is not moved around a lot and it’s being used a lot.
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The type of cutting board may also be a factor to consider. The type of work being used and the amount of pressure being applied on the cutting board is another issue. For example, a butcher may be forced to use force when chopping up bones. Such a place would not require a plastic cutting board. A thick wooden board would be the preferable option.
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The cost of purchasing the cutting board should also be looked at seriously. You should not go out of the planned budget when selecting a good cutting board. Normally, a good cutting board would cost around $10. Although you may get more expensive boards, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should purchase them. Bamboo boards are the most expensive ones where you may get one from $100 to $200. You should also think of choosing a board which does not get cut easily. Such boards may end up harboring bacteria on the cut places making them dangerous for human use. A board which is easy to wash and does not damage the knife is also recommended.