Good books on starter/leavan management

Good books on starter/leavan management

Submitted by kickinit on November 4, 2015 – 2:37am.

Hi all, 

Can anyone provide a good intermediate to advanced book or resource on starters?

I love Tartine and FWSY by Forkish, they are both wonderful launching points.  Hammelman’s Bread book is good too, but I am looking for something that really dives deeper into natural starters.  I want to better understand best practices on managing their development, what I get with different types like high vs. low hydration, cold vs. warm storage, different flour make ups, different feeding schedules.  etc.  

So many books, focus on the bread making part and for good reason, but I am now interested in getting to know my starter better and would love to read up on it.  

So, does anyone know of places where I can learn more?  Books, articles, blogs, other forum posts?  I’ll take anything I can get my hands on.  🙂