Hair Growth Aides

Healthy hair is identified, by many, to be: thick, full and even all around. However, each person has at least 50-100 strands of hair that shed each day. This is considered normal, however, if this amount is surpassed, the hair shaft may be damaged or it can be a sign of poor diet and exercise. Those with more hair shed than normal may recognize there is an issue because more hairs are in the brush, shower or even shedding on its own while the entire body is motionless.

The body relies on an adequate and consistent supply of: B vitamins (including Biotin), Iron, water, oil and protein to help aid in retaining hair by resulting in: shedding less and strengthening the hair shaft. It is important to know how hair grows in order to treat the condition of excessive shedding. Hair begins inside the dermis surrounded by a follicle. The follicle has vessels and houses the bulb that provides the basis for the hair. The vessels feed nutrients into the root beneath the dermis until the hair pushes through to the center of the follicle. After the hair appears, the vessels stop feeding it. From there, the hair is fed daily by nutrients, listed previously, supplied throughout the entire scalp.

There are many daily routines that may unknowingly damage the hair follicle and cause the hair to fall out. Some of the most common activities include: brushing the hair hard and more often than necessary, shampooing the hair every day, wearing hairstyles that stress the hair (braids, pinned, ponytail), allowing dirt or oil to build up, using hot curlers, using a blow dryer or other forms of heat and daily manipulation. Specific types of vitamins can help the scalp to restore the lost nutrients to the follicle and may be found at Restoring the health of the scalp may help to reverse signs of hair loss and help improve the hair follicles within four months after taking the vitamins consistently. For more severe cases of improving the health of the scalp, a physician or specialist, such as a Dermatologist, should be consulted.