Hair Repair and New Growth Comes From Within

The hair care market has many shampoos and conditioners that treat your hair, but the only thing these products do is treat the hair that is already there. No hair product can get to the root of the problem, which is the hair that has yet to grow. The fix for poor hair quality has to come from within, and if your body isn’t processing nutrients correctly, you won’t get good hair growth.

Good hair starts with having an abundance of building blocks in your body. That is, you need enough vitamins and basic hair components flowing in your body for the creation of a good hair follicle. The best hair growth vitamins on the market are going to have what your body needs in the event you are not getting enough from your diet. Sometimes, your diet isn’t ever going to be able to supply what you need for hair growth.

What you eat plays a direct role in how your hair grows. If you have a poor diet, you are going to be lacking in vital nutrients and have poor hair growth. Some people can have the best possible diet with all of the right nutrition and still have poor hair quality. The reason is known as malabsorption in the intestines. In other words, this means the intestines are not pulling all of the required nutrients, supplements and minerals into the bloodstream. The direct result is that the essential operating systems of the body get all of the nutrients while the less essential (hair, skin, nails) get less. The end product is brittle hair that doesn’t see much growth at all.

Supplementing with vitamins, biotin and silica puts an excess of these nutrients into your body. This excess is then sent to the non-vital operating systems, such as hair, and creates new growth. The resulting hair is much healthier, thicker and less prone to falling out. It becomes much more elastic, resisting breakage from brushing and hair styling.

It’s a relatively simple fix, but it’s an effective one. Taking vitamins for hair growth sees results in less than a month. New hair growth is noticeable, and the existing hair benefits from the healthy scalp oils that are generated from taking supplements.