height of baked loaves

height of baked loaves


First I want to thank all of you for posting your recipes, tips, etc. etc. on this forum (I have been lurking for two years.)  It has been so helpful in my quest for the “perfect” artisan loaf–which I now get with some consistency.

After much experimentation (200+ loaves), I am now using 20% rye, 60% Prairie Gold (both flours homeground immediately before mixing), 20% Dakota Maid white unbleached bread flour, 89% hydration, and a homemade wild grape sourdough starter (100% hydration).

My question is this:  what height do you get in a boule that starts with about 970 g of dough?  The best I have gotten is 3.5 inches (including ears).  I am not unhappy with this as the texture and taste are wonderful, but I am curious about what others get.

Thanks again for all your help.  It has been a fun learning experience.  I have made “regular” bread for 40+ years and have never before had such a good time baking.

Source: Fresh Loaf