Hello from Illinois

Hello from Illinois

My name is Becky and I just joined / found the site. I’m a bread newbie and I’m on a quest…. Well let me rephrase. I’m completely obsessed with recreating a bread that I had gotten years ago from a bread store that went out of business many years ago.

The company called their bread a “French peasent loaf” It was round French bread with a nice crust. The crumb was open? With chewey whole wheat berries mixed throughout.

I picked up a copy of Bread Baking: An Artisan’s Perspective by Daniel T DiMuzio a while back and learned of the bakers math, but still haven’t made anything using his recipes.

The most successful loaf I made to date was from a recipe that had me mix a simple dough, let it rise a couple hours and then fling the dough into a screaming hot cast iron pot on parchment paper. I’m hoping I can find some help here to get closer to my “holy grail”bread.

Source: Fresh Loaf