Hello from Waterford, CT

Hello from Waterford, CT

Hello all, I’ve used this forum on occasion to get ideas, recipes, etc. I thought I should join and help myself get a little more serious about my bread baking endeavors.

I primarily use a cloche in an electric oven to bake the Serious Eats Workhorse Loaf:


I also occasionally bake a softer loaf pan loaf, which although not crusty is great for grilled cheese and French toast, and the kids love it.

I have also experimented with no knead bread using the recipe found at the NY Times. I have done several different pizza doughs. I use a Big Green Egg to bake pizza. I have also used it to bake bread, but find the convenience and reproducibility of the oven combined with the results I get from using a cloche outweigh the slightly better crust I can get when everything goes perfect on the Egg. The same does not hold true for pizza, however.

I look forward to learning more about this hobby and feeding my family lots of yummy breads.

Source: Fresh Loaf