Hello! I Can not Sell!

What's that you say? You can not sell?

Oh, you must be right, although you are selling me right now!

A good friend of mine once said to me, "Life is sales."

What a substantial statement! Think about it! Life IS sales. We sell all day, every day.

We just do not realize or acknowledge the fact that we are selling.

Why is that? I believe it is because we have adopted some misguided beliefs regarding selling.

The interesting thing to keep in mind is that of higher income earners around the world, a large percentage come from the world of sales. Many from direct selling!

When you think about sales, what comes to mind?

Chances are, it's the pushy, arrogant, over-zealous, quick-to-the-close type that you've done business with in the past.

But, is that really what Sales is about?

I do not think so.

True sales is about sharing information. It's about finding out what the other person needs and then meeting that need.

It's about creating a win-win situation for everyone.

When was the last time you told someone about a great movie, referred to family physician or lavished praise and recommendations on the new restaurant in town?

This is sales in its purest form!

You perceive a product or service that could possibly meet the need of someone else. (A great place to eat or entertaining movie, etc.)

You share the information with someone else, in an effort to meet a need they may have.

Your friend either accepts or rejects the suggestion and you both move on about your business.

If your friend likes the suggestion and acts on it, you feel a sense of satisfaction.

If your friend does not, you just move on, realizing that there was no interest or need at this time.

Your friend was not rejecting you.

You do not try to overcome objections, trying to coerce him / her into "buying" what you are offering.

You are detached from the outcome.

Oh, and either way, you do not get paid.

Perhaps this is why it's so easy for you to offer your suggesting.

Now, think about using this same process with a product or service that you offer.

Think of presenting your business idea to a friend, relative or acquaintance in the same way.

Just share the information!

See if there is a need to be met by what you are offering.

Do not try to sell or overtake objections.

Just listen and offer information.

If your friend acts on that information and buys your product or service, GREAT! You have met a need and delivered value.

Oh, and you get paid! That's okay!

If your friend does not choose to act on the information, that's okay, too. You can still go on about your business.

You both win in either case.

You are not selling! You are sharing!

And, over time, using this strategy, you will move up into the ranks of the higher income earners around the world!

So, what's that you say about not being able to sell? Good, can you just try sharing?

Source by Jackie Ulmer