Hello & Started / Sourdough Questions

Hello & Started / Sourdough Questions

Submitted by DKT on October 12, 2015 – 9:13am.


Hello All

I was shopping online for some baking supplies and came across Sourdough Starter, remembering my Mother had it when I was little, I picked some up and a Jar and launched it last night, thinking this is something that my daughter (10 yr.) may have some interest in. We are just getting started learning to bake together and have really enjoyed it.

Starter Questions:

I have well water but did buy Spring, Followed Directions, Covered with Cling Wrap placed it inside my oven with light on, stirred this morning and I could tell it’s springy, happy and I do believe it is kicking off and going to work.

Tonight I feed: I started with AP flour, but was wondering if possibly King Author, White Whole Wheat Unbleached may suit better?  I believe I feed 1Tbsp F & 1 Tsp H20 (per Breadtopia Instruction). I think my well water (chlorine free) would suit opposed to purified spring water.  I am not keen on bottled water (environment) and my well is absolutely fantastic.  So stick with White AP or use KA WWWU Flour?  And can I use my healthy well water?

Now it is my understanding from the instructions and what I am reading (there are obviously all sorts of techniques folks use so there is what a beginner would consider conflicting information) but I will then feed: 1/3c flour & 1/4c water building the starter. While I am doing this am I removing anything from the jar or is this a continual feed and grow?  Also I live in PA, it’s fall so temps are swinging a bit so I feel I need to keep my jar in the gas oven with the light on for consistent temp.  Will I continue to keep it in the lit oven or should I move it to the fridge?  We will most likely make breads, pretzels, waffles, etc. on the weekends.  I can easily store in my oven or fridge, I would just like to know the general consensus from those with experience how best to proceed.

I also sent from some of Carl Griffith’s 1847 starter, as it was free and I liked the idea of being part of that as well as telling my daughter it’s from 1847.  Will we notice a difference in the two; I have been curious about that?

Lots of information here on these forums, my head will continue to spin until I start to grasp the basics, but I have really enjoyed reading, thanks!





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