Submitted by AbeNW11 on July 12, 2015 – 11:35am.

Trying to help my friend with sourdough baking. Breadmaker recipes are turning out fine. Some rye oven breads are doing well. But our back to basics plain white is not going well. My friend is reporting a good dough but all goes wrong in the oven. I’m trying to guide her from afar so only have photos and description to go on. 

Flour: 100%

Hydration: 60%

Salt: 2%

Mature Starter at 100% hydration: 30%


4 hours BF and baking in preheated gas oven to gasmark 9 (250c)

Can you help me diagnose this? First of all they burn easily but crumb has been OK. This time the top has run away from the bottom. (Sorry but photo is coming out upside down, I believe she is using an apple phone which does this) Twitter Facebook StumbleUpon