Help! Gluten Free Milling

Help! Gluten Free Milling

A few weeks ago I found out my husband needs to be gluten free, and I’ve been struggling up the cliff face learning curve.  I love how well he is doing, but he has nothing to do with food except eat it!  So its all on me to figure it all out.  I’ve come to the decision that I want a mill instead of trying to A) find non cross contaminated flours in a small town, and B) afford them.  I’ve read alot about gluten free baking the last few weeks and I want to be able to make my own superfine flour blends.

I will be getting a Bosch Universal in a few weeks to help me with all the prep work I have to do now, and was wondering if its mill attachment would be suitable, or if I need to get a dedicated mill. Sorta hoping the Bosch Universal mill attachment will do all this, but I have a budget of about $400 for a dedicated mill if it won’t.  Here is the list I’ve come up with, if you all have other suggestions, I’m all ears!

-Electric, doesn’t get too hot so that it destroys the nutrients.  Don’t care about how long it takes or how loud it is, I can put it in a separate room.

-Mills tiny grains like amaranth and quinoa up to corn and legumes.  If it has a separate small grain attachment for this, thats fine.

-Is able to grind from superfine for rice and tapioca flour to coarse like cornmeal.

-Oily capability for seeds and nuts would be really nice, since things like flax seeds are often used in baking, and I need a better spice grinder anyways.

I’m very interested how the bosch attachment will perform in all these catagories.  If it performs well with the oily stuff, then the dedicated grinder wouldn’t have to do that as well.

Thanks and looking forward to your responses!

Source: Fresh Loaf