Holey Einkorn!

Holey Einkorn!

Got the einkorn berries Friday so the experimenting begins. 350g were milled with a high speed mill 335g came out the rest being stuck on every available surface of the mill to the point that it had to be washed instead of brushed off like usual. The flour was fluffier than the white wheat that is my standard. I’d show you a picture but can’t figure how to do it.

Decided to use a ratio 25:75 einkorn to KA AP not including the starter and to make a soaker with the einkorn  to take into account the slow absorption rate (thanks mini oven). Made a dough with the flour, soaker, starter, water and salt. Boy was this stuff sticky and slack, I empathize with bob boule especially since he is working with 100% einkorn.  After some S&F and bulk fermentation formed a boule let it proof and baked in a DO. It had better oven spring than I thought it would because of almost collapsing when turned out of the banneton. 

The loaf had some major holes probably due to poor shaping and overproofing. The taste is very good and made it well worth exploring more with higher levels of einkorn. 

By the way celebrated pi day with both cherry and pizza pie.


Source: Fresh Loaf