How Can a Salt Bath Refresh Your Body and Improve Your Health?

When most people hear about Himalayan rock, they are absolutely amazed to learn what this salt can do for their body. Since most people are being told to avoid salt, it can be confusing to hear there is a salt that is actually beneficial for your health. Himalayan salt is like no other salt in the world. This salt comes from mines located in the Himalayans. For thousands of years, these mines remained untouched, covered in lava, snow and ice. These layers of protection helped to prevent the salt from absorbing all of the pollution being released into the world today.

Thankfully, there are many ways this special salt rock can be used. One of the most popular ways is through a salt bath. Not only does this type of bath relax the body and mind, but it also helps the skin to be able to absorb the 84 minerals that are found in Himalayan salt. This pure salt can help to remove toxins from the skin for better health and an improved immune system.

To enjoy a Himalayan salt bath, it is important a couple of steps are taken. First, the water must be kept around 97 degrees. If the water is too hot, the body will become distressed and the skin will not be able to absorb the minerals. A person should add around one ounce of salt per gallon of water. As the water is running, the water can be stirred with the arms to help encourage the salt to be dissolved in the water. If there are some grains of salt in the bottom of the tub, this is perfectly normal and simply means the water has reached maximum salt saturation.

Soaking in this bath for around twenty minutes will allow the salt and minerals to be absorbed into the skin. As the salt is absorbed, toxins are flushed out of the skin pores and the body is nourished with beneficial minerals. This special bath can be done once a month to give a glowing, healthy complexion. A relaxing bath can do wonders for the health of the mind, body and spirit.