How Long Does it Take to Bake Bread With a Bread Maker?

Baking bread with a bread maker is really simple. The best thing about it is that once you have added the ingredients you do not need to be around while it bakes the bread. What this means is that you can be sleep, or you can be cooking dinner or doing anything else. Ultimately this means that the time it takes to bake a loaf of bread is irrelevant, because you can just start it before you go out or whenever you want. A lot of bread makers come with timers which can be set so that it has bread finished in a certain number of hours, which means you can set them ready at night and wake up to a fresh loaf of bread.

These machines take in between 45 minutes to 3 hours to cook a loaf, but it depends on the type of bread that you are baking, the machine that you have and of course the size of the loaf that you are baking. Some machines are designed to mix the ingredients together very quickly and bake them at high temperatures, ready only 45 minutes later. You will find that these machines only bake small loaves, as it is impossible to get a big loaf to cook that quickly without burning it.

Making loaves takes a bit of learning, but it's not too difficult to do that. I have found that with a bit of trial and error you will soon be on your way to making some good food. Ideally get a bread maker with a timer; they are so handy!

Source by John Holler