How to achieve impressive-looking tin loaf

How to achieve impressive-looking tin loaf

Submitted by greiggy on July 28, 2015 – 7:06am.

I have recently been experimenting with tin loaves — they just work better for sandwiches and the toaster. We like a partt wholemeal/wholegrain malted seeded recipe — but here’s the challenge.

My wife wants to see a ‘proper’ loaf that looks as tall the ones bought in the bakery or farmer’s market where they sell them as farmhouse loaves.

Mine taste fine. Really good, actually. But they look square, a bit squat rather than tall.

I have a farmhouse size tin which is a size bigger than the usual 8 x 4 in (to get the width) and I go for about 1250 g dough from 750 g flour. Typically about half strong white bread flour and the rest stoneground white (cream coloured, contains the wheatgerm) and about 15% stoneground wholemeal, with 25 g brown malt and a handful of malted grains.

Size isn’t everything — but perception is. I just need mine to look more like the farmhouse loaves sold commercially to satisfy my picky ‘customer’!

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