"How To" Astral Projection Guidelines Using The Bread Crumbs For Comfort

A great many people looking into astral projection are looking for a quick and easy “how to” astral projection resource. Fortunately, though I’ll share some tidbits of advice herein, astral travel is actually pretty straightforward once you wrap your brain around what you’ll be doing. Before we move forthright into the “how to,” astral projection is actually made easier by backing up a bit and covering some basics.

Astral travel is something that anyone can accomplish. So, don’t worry that you need some special skill set or that you have to be “wired” a certain way. The truth is that actually understanding what it is can alleviate fear or concerns. Moreover, once it’s better understood, and you know exactly why you want to travel, the “how to” astral projection part of the equation tends to fall into place. Indeed, the “why” is often greater than the “how.”

To help stack the deck in your favor, always remember that, according to experts as well as researchers, astral travel occurs more readily in the morning. Both the body and the mind are more relaxed in the morning, before a day’s worth of stress has been piled on. If you attempt it in the evening, you may be more inclined to just head straight off to sleep and bypass the critical stage.

Aside from choosing morning over evening, my best “how to” astral projection tip would have to be to eliminate distractions. A primary culprit is the cell phone. Since meditation is a key ingredient to your success, the worst thing that can happen is a completely unnecessary call comes in and interrupts the process.

Here are some meditation tips that have been found helpful to many people. First, concentrate on a spot inside your forehead or, alternately, as the back of the head. The process originates when you are in the gamma stage of relaxation. At this point you have optimal levels of awareness. From here, you ultimately go to the “theta” stage, at which point meditation occurs.

Of course, along the way you have to get through alpha and beta. This can present an obstacle for some. The beta stage has to do with problem-solving. The alpha stage is the place of creativity. Plus, remember that, in the hypnagogic state, your mind is still awake while your body is sleeping. This is where there is sleep paralysis.

After you move through these states, then you are advancing towards the exit. At this point, your mind departs from your physical body. This is a phenomenon that no “how to” astral projection guide can adequately describe in words. Your mind is able to take you places that you cannot go otherwise due to limitations in the physical body. The main key to enjoying the experience is simply not to get nervous and jolt yourself from it.

A wide array of experiences await you. Some people describe the “silver cord” that binds you to your body. Like a tether, it lets you go, but always provide the trail of “bread crumbs” to lead you back. This cord is a way to relax in the moment without frantic concerns. In truth and fact, there are no real concerns. But some people fear not finding their way back, and this cord serves as a reminder that there is nothing to worry about.

Source by Josiah Everton