How to Get a Golf Course Lawn Without Doing Any Yard Work at All

Almost everyone wants a golf course lawn, but few have the time or energy to spend on attaining this goal. It requires careful fertilization, weed control, and regular adjustment of the soil pH. Proper irrigation is another requirement. Finally, regular mowing at the proper height is needed.

Fortunately, there are ways to outright eliminate the need to do any of this work. Homeowners can hire a variety of services that will take care of everything so all the owner needs to do is enjoy the beauty. Here are some of the types of companies to call if you want a golf course lawn without putting in any labor:

First, call an irrigation company and have them put in an automatic sprinkler system. Set the system to deliver at least one inch of water in one watering session on a weekly basis. Avoid frequent, light watering – this is exactly what weeds need to thrive. Cultivated grass does better with infrequent, deep watering as suggested.

Have the sprinkler system put in before doing anything else. Trenches will need to be dug in the lawn for the pipes and hoses that deliver the water, and you won’t want to have that happen after you’ve already obtained a beautiful lawn.

Then, you’ll need two lawn care companies – one to handle the chemical aspects, and one to do the mowing. Call a company like Proformance Turf to have weed-and-feed, fertilizer, and lime applied to the lawn on a scheduled basis. This will both get rid of weeds and give the lawn everything it needs to be green and lush. Proper fertilization is a key component to obtaining a perfect lawn, so don’t skimp on this step.

You’ll also need to arrange for lawn mowing and edging. This is done by a landscape company. Have them mow the lawn at least once a week, or twice a week if you want it to have that just-mown look at all times. Make sure to choose a company that’s professional enough to take care of the peripherals, such as leaf blowing and string trimming, as well as basic mowing so you get the perfect look you want instead of the “passable” appearance of the average lawn. That’s it – you’ll have your golf course lawn with absolutely no yard work on your part.