How to Get Rid Of External Hemorrhoids Using Simple Home Remedies – Part 2

Unlike internal hemorrhoids which usually have mild or no symptoms, external hemorrhoids are usually characterized with symptoms of pain, itching, and they are also more prone to the development of severe painful thrombosed external hemorrhoids.

To successfully treat external piles you can make use of simple home remedies for hemorrhoids. The first part of this article series examined three simple home remedies for treatment of external hemorrhoids.

This second part of this article series shall look at some other effective home remedies like:

1) You can apply kerosene to severe external piles with cotton wool dipped into kerosene. Kerosene is capable of giving you instant relief of your symptoms.

2) Lemon juice can also be applied to the inflamed external veins to douse the inflammation and pain.

3) You should avoid foods that are high in animal fat like cheese and mayonnaise. These kinds of foods should be avoided as much as possible because not only are they very low in fiber content, they also tend to slow down intestinal movements and digestion.

All these factors make the consumption of these kinds of fatty foods to seriously predispose to constipation which is a major risk factor for developing symptoms of hemorrhoids.

You should also avoid over processed foods like pasta and white bread as most of the fiber and the natural nutrients in these foods would have been washed off during the processing and refining process. You should consume more of natural foods like vegetable soups, fruit salads, citrus fruit juice, berry juice, bananas, carrots, cabbage etc; you can even consume an exclusive fruit and vegetable diet for some days.

These natural fruits and vegetables have a high mineral and vitamin content and these vitamins and minerals strengthen the tissues of the body, including those in the walls of the rectal veins. Strengthened tissues of the walls of these veins make them stronger and more resistant to abnormal stretching.

These foods also make feces softer and easier to pass out when you are defecating thus reducing constipation.

4) One of the most effective and fast natural hemorrhoid treatment is the use of a complete home based treatment system that not only cures piles but also prevents future re-occurrence of symptoms. A good complete home cure guide will tell you the best herbs that can be used for even giant thrombosed hemorrhoid treatment.

A good complete pile home cure guide will also teach you the best diet for curing and preventing symptoms and it will also teach you simple lifestyle changes and exercises that you must add to your consumption of a good diet to safeguard your butt against future symptoms.

Source by Bello Gbenga