How to Inexpensively Gain or Restore Plump, Sexy Lips

Just as people are instinctively attracted to a thick, luxurious, shiny mane of healthy hair, they’re also drawn to a smooth, peaches and cream complexion and soft, full lips. These traits have been associated with youth, beauty and sexuality in almost every culture in the world since the beginning of time. Therefore, as women age, maintaining these qualities becomes a priority. The hairdresser can usually take care of the hair, and there are a plethora of skin products on the market to nurture and maintain beautiful skin, but keeping one’s lips from shriveling up and looking parched has traditionally been more of a challenge.

It’s a natural part of the lifestyles of the rich and famous to head over to the plastic surgeon for a little cosmetic touch of collagen to restore their lips’ kissability, but the average person often lacks the financial resources to pursue this solution. Some people resort to biting their lips, but this produces limited and very short term results and often leads to chapped lips. In addition, people who choose this option are unable to keep lip color products on their lips for any length of time. Until recently, there simply has not been a reliable but inexpensive solution for the problem of lips that either are not plump enough naturally, or which thin with age. One of the most Googled questions concerning beauty aid products has long been what is the best lip plumper.

Thankfully, there is now an effective, inexpensive, safe and easy to use product on the market that plumps lips. It is called Cushy Lips. It comes in a tube, costs under $20 and once applied, lasts for several hours. In addition to making the lips fatter and more sexy looking, Cushy Lips also conditions and moisturizes the lips, improving their overall condition. Many so called lip plumpers actually irritate the lips, causing them to burn and/or sting in order to produce the swelling that gives the desired appearance. Cushy Lips produces the desired effect without unpleasant or harmful lip irritation. For those who do not wish to pursue actual collagen injections into their lips, Cushy Lips is likely to prove to be an invaluable cosmetic aid.