How to Make Dduk Gook

Dduk Gook, or korean rice cake soup, is a type of soup that's ateen on New Year's Day. It symbolized good luck and fortune. Dduk Gook is an easy dish to make, with minimal preparation. There are many ways to prepare this dish, but this recipe will show you how to make the simplest form of Dduk Gook.

To make dduk gook, you will need: a package of rice cakes, eggs (fried and thinly cut), thin strips of beef (optional), scallions (or green onions), seaweed, and broth (beef, anchovy, or chicken broth works well)
First, you will have to soak the rice cakes in water so that they're easier to work with. Get a bowl of room temperature water, and simply leave the rice cakes in there for a good hour. The longer the better, as long as it's not too long.

After the rice cakes have been soaking for a while, bring the broth to a boil. This recipe calls for about six cups of broth.

After you bring the broth to a boil, add the rice cakes and let it simmer. While the rice cakes are simmering, it's a good time to prepare the other parts of the dish. First, fry the eggs and cut them into thin strips and set them aside. Next, cook some beef and cut them into thin strips as well. Instead of cutting the beef, pulling them apart with your hands tend to be better. After this, cut your seaweed into thin strips as well. Leave all of these on the side as we will not touch them until right before we serve the dduk gook.

After finishing these preparations, chop up some green onions and add them to the dish. Seasoning the dish depends on your personal taste, so we will leave that part out. Only a bit of salt and pepper will be needed.

After your dish is finished cooking , ladle the soup into separate bowls. After ladling them out, add a bit of each of the prepared ingredients on top of the soup.

Now, you are finished!

Source by Brad P