How to speed proof a final dough

How to speed proof a final dough


I’ve recently started using a sourdough starter in my pizza dough. The flavor is much better than before. But it takes more time to rise.

I was wondering if there is a technique that I can use to accelerate the proofing time, including the steps for starter builds to increase it, until the final dough doubles in volume ready for baking.

I’m not experienced with starters, but I have a few ideas and I would like you experts to guide me and correct me please. Will the following measures help accelerate the process?

  • Using more starter? for example, instead of 100g starter, 100g flour and 60g water, I use 200g starter, 100g flour and 60g water.
  • increase the hydration in the building steps? (then of course adjust later in the final dough)
  • using warm water for mixing?
  • proof in higher temperature?
  • use some sort of steam while proofing? (for example, putting a pan of hot water in oven where dough is proofing, with light on)

Would those steps help speed up the process? Is there any other steps that can help in that regard?

PS. I’m not interested in much sour tang, I’m only after the flavor and complex taste that a starter adds to the dough.

Source: Fresh Loaf