hydration noob question

hydration noob question

Hi guys


so ive done some reading but i think im overcomplicated it and am unable to figure it out properly.


So in my case if i have a starter that was created with roughly 1:1 water and flour. i take out about half of it daily (200 grams about ) and then add back 100 grams water and 100 gram flour . its been doing great for months but im curious if this is too little to be feeding ? there isnt a horrible odour the next day and no hooch layer.  my red fife bread has not been as bubbly as i like though so im concerned about my feeding pattern.


What would be my sourdough hydration percent in this case? my understanding is i feed it @ 100% hydration but the sourdough itself not sure where its at :S


Edit: not sure if this is the right sub forum , apologies if not..


thank you !

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