i do basic bread at work -need your input

i do basic bread at work -need your input

Submitted by breadfuji on November 9, 2015 – 12:24pm.

almost daily, I make a 2 lbs French loaf Bread in the office kitchen to share with everyone. nothing fancy, The ingredients are simple and so is the process-trying to keep it simple. We cut the loaf into slices and spread butter and its gone in no time.  I place the ingredients in the machine right before leaving for the day, set the timer and magically we have fresh bread in the morning (12 hrs delay start). we love it !  BTW-we are all IT nerds so we know nothing about cooking and love bread or cake or …

the ingredients:

1.5 tea sp. SALT

2.0 table sp. SUGAR

1.33 cup water

2.0 table sp. corn oil

4.0 cup unbleached flour

1.5 tea sp. Instant yeast

the constraints:

-Delay start -cant use eggs etc.

-cant be too time consuming – working hrs.

-has to taste good for majority of the people. – no beer in the mix.

-cant use too many ingredients or hard to find- keep it simple.

– the outcome must be a loaf. no pausing or shaping.

all we want is a good tasting loaf to enjoy.

most of the receipes i see online are great and look tasty but a bit too sophisticated and involved for us ( process and ingredient )

based on the ingredients above what can we do to vary the taste a little bit;  any input is welcomed!

  if you have a recipe to share that would be nice too..Thanks much.