I started over and made some Sourdough bread!

I started over and made some Sourdough bread!

I had some help from The Fresh Loaf Friends…

Thank you,

I made sourdough bread on Father’s Day! I stayed up the night before watching YouTube…It was about 10:00 at night. After watching so many different ways to create my first loaf, I was going to give up and try another time… But then I said what’s the worst that can happen!  I started it at 11:00pm added all of my ingredients I ran the Kitchen aid for about 20 mins, I let it rise for about a half an hour. I worked it for another 20 mins.. I went to bed about 12:30 crossed my fingers and said goodnight to my wife.

The next day at about 12:00 noon it had doubled in size. My sourdough bread wouldn’t have won any awards but the family thought it was wonderful!   I can’t wait to make another loaf and improve over time.

My wife now thinks I am possessed by my starter, she might be right.





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