I’ll never take water for granted again

I'll never take water for granted again

Submitted by clazar123 on August 30, 2015 – 7:55am.

I recently moved from Menomonee Falls (near Milwaukee),Wisconson to Eden Prairie (near Minneapolis), Minnesota. I had excellent quality drinking water in Milwaukee and just took it for granted. My SD thrived with no worries and my coffee tasted great.

Now it is a different story in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The tap water has a huge chlorine presence that does not dissipate with standing or heating. The taste is pretty bad. I now understand why people buy bottled water even if it is from another municipal source. My daughter lives 1 town over (about 4miles) and her water tastes fine.

As for using my tap water for bread, I did use it for 1 or 2 sd feedings and Jack (starter) didn’t seem to mind. I hesitate to use it for more. I use a pitcher filter (Brita) and it helps slightly with the taste but I use spring water or daughter’s water to feed my cultures.

So now I really appreciate all the discussions and difficulties people have had with water and will appreciate good water from now on because that may be something I will need help with in the future.

And as a question-what do I need to know when I look at a municipal water report? Is there anything I can do?