I'm giving it all I've got

I'm giving it all I've got

Planning a loaf to be baked tomorrow and just mixed the pre ferment of 200 grams AP bakers flour, 200 grams water and 1/4 tsp of yeast.

I plan an autolyse of the remaining dough flour and water for two hours of 260 grams AP bakers flour 130 grams water.

Now my questions?

Do I add the salt and sugar to the dough or can the salt and sugar go in for the autolysis?

When should I add flavour enhancers, in this case fennel and rosemary dried herbs (already soaked in water which I’ve used the ‘tea’ as the water in the preferment) in the preferment the autolysis or dough?

or should they just be sprinkled on the top?

A bulk ferment on the counter before shaping using a brotform for proofing it in the fridge over night.

How long should I bulk ferment for before shaping? with it going into the fridge for a long cool proofing.

 I usually bulk ferment until doubled in bulk then shape and rise in the pan but not sure if I should do less with it going into the fridge for longer than I have as yet.

460 grams AP bakers flour

330 grams water, 72% hydration.

11/4 tsp salt

1 tbl sugar



Source: Fresh Loaf