I'm having four issues when baking bread…

I'm having four issues when baking bread…

1. I’m struggling to get my bread to just rise up and fill out like what I see in a bakery. I kept having the same issue of it just going outwards and being much flatter than I want. So I saw somewhere about using Gluten, and it has totally changed my dough so now it has structure and is strong, but it is a lot lighter and fluffier. However I’m still having the issue of my bread not growing, it wont fall flat any more, but it really just stays around the same size and forms a crust straight away. Do I just need bigger bread baskets? I cannot let it grow on the surface since even with gluten it will lose it’s shape. In my bread machine it grows upwards when cooking but in my Oven with no support it just forms a hard shell straight away.

2. Unless I add spices and stuff my bread is rather flavorless and white bread at bakeries just has that amazing taste all to it’s own. I’m just wondering what they do to get that amazing unique taste? I’ve tried adding more salt and butter but that just ruins the dough. 

3. How do bakeries get that nice crispy but chewy crust? I can get crispy or soft, but I can’t get that chewy effect which I love so much, it’s like their crust is a bit more elastic. 

4. How on earth do you make a light brown bread like the loaves you get at Tesco? Even time I try it ends up being really dense and brown flour rises much less than white. 


Thanx for the help, atm the only real good bread I can make is with that Wrights Bread mix, but I want to be able to do it from scratch myself. 

Source: Fresh Loaf