I'm straying from my weighing for my starters

I'm straying from my weighing for my starters

Till now, when it came to starter maintenance, I have weighed flour + water to the gram feeding my starters atleast 1:1:1 with precision keeping them exactly at 100% hydration. Well tonight I’ve had an epiphany and so begins my new regime. 

For the past 12 months I’ve had one whole rye starter which lives in my fridge. I now have starter number 2 which is a rye/ww/bread flour mix and remains at room temperature. I like it this way as the culture will be different due to flours and temperature which will make for an interesting compare and contrast. However I only bake once a week so keeping on top of feedings will be difficult with the endless measuring and discarding for the one at room temperature will have to be fed often. Unlike the one in my fridge which just gets topped up when needed. So here it is…

Fridge starter: slightly different as I wish to keep less because baking will be shared between the two starters. So top up when needed with a few tablespoons flour + same number of teaspoons for water. Near enough 100% hydration with less fuss.

Room temperature starter: also keeping very little as needs a little feeding everyday and this time just going by feel and feeding just enough to keep the yeasts active. So done away with 1:1:1 and measuring. Tonight it looked a little runny so just fed a couple of teaspoons of flour. That’s it. If it gets a little too thick then I’ll add a little water when needed. This way I’ll hardly have to discard.

When it comes to the builds before baking then I’ll take a little off and build with more precision.

Doing ok? Bit apprehensive as I’m used to measuring, weighing, equal amounts, ratios of 1:1:1 or higher. But I think this should work well. Thoughts?

Source: Fresh Loaf