Is a Nursing Home Necessary?

A nursing home is not where most of us want to be, neither to live in nor to visit, but a place such as this is sometimes necessary. Perhaps we need to have physical therapy after a surgery or having a stroke, or advanced medical treatment after developing a non-healing wound with M.R.S.A (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) or any other type of highly contagious infection that requires 24 hour intravenous antibiotic therapy. None of these ailments can be treated at home in the beginning. In some cases, if the treatment is going very well, and there is no concern about regression or reinfection, the treatments may be finished from the comfort of home.

As we and our family members age, it becomes more difficult to provide the care required to meet their needs. One way to lengthen the amount of time our family member can live in their own home is to procure the services of a care provider. The provider would come as often as needed, and help perform the activities of daily living, such as cooking, shopping, light cleaning, and going to and from appointments among other things. The number of hours per month a caregiver can work depends entirely upon the client’s level of care.

Eventually, our abilities and those of the care provider will not be enough to safely meet the level of care our family member requires. Providing 24 hour care is difficult because those the providing the care can become “burnt out”. This a result of being overwhelmed with the demands and stresses of being alert to a change or decline in their condition, sleepless nights, and constantly worrying. Handling their medical needs is stressful too, necessary things like setting up and going to appointments, medication management, unexpected hospitalization, purchasing or arranging for personal care products through a medical supply company, and equipping or modifying their home to accommodate their medical needs.

When it becomes too difficult to care for our loved one at home, a nursing facility, whether a private home or a larger care center, will have the ability to provide round the clock skilled nursing care. There are many Nursing Homes Brighton whose highly trained staff can and will diligently assist your loved one with their rehabilitation or long term care needs.