Is Medication The Only Answer for ED?

Viagra is one of the most successful medications in the history of medicine. The public response to this drug underscores the important of human sexuality and the need for a healthy sex life. As effective as Viagra has been however, many acknowledge that it is not the miracle some perceive it to be. The drug has potentially serious side effects such as vision and hearing loss, unusual heartbeat, lightheadedness, nausea and chest pain.

Men who are taking blood pressure medication or nitrates for chest pain should not use Viagra as it can lead to serious complications. It is also quite likely that some men who use this drug do not need to. In some cases, it is possible to use home remedies for ED successfully.

One of the easiest ways to treat erectile dysfunction without the use of drugs is by making simple lifestyle adjustments. Doctors frequently advise obese male patients to lose weight to improve their ability to achieve erections. Excess fat in the body can restrict blood flow making it difficult to get erections. With a better diet and regular exercise, erectile dysfunction medication may not be necessary.

Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking can also affect blood flow and sexual function. Patients are usually advised to significantly cut back, or in some cases, eliminate the use of these substances, altogether. Many men see an improvement over time after they make these lifestyle changes.

For a few men, psychological factors may be the cause of their erectile problems. In these cases, regular counseling sessions can be helpful. Success, however, will depend on the nature of the problem and how committed the man is to seeking help and attending the sessions. One method of combating ED that many men have not considered is using pelvic exercises, also called Kegel exercises, to strengthen the muscles. While this will not work in every case, it can be beneficial to some men if they do the exercises regularly. These exercises also have other benefits like dealing with urinary incontinence.

Men who suffer from diabetes or high cholesterol can also have erection problems. It is important that they discuss any additional symptoms with their doctors when they seek help, so that they identify the cause of their ED.