Is this process even possible?

Is this process even possible?

Hello! I was invited by a chemistry professor to speak about how I make my sourdough bread. The challenge is that I only have 1 hour and 30 min on Tuesday and 1 hr and 15 min on Thursday to make the bread from start to finish. 

My first approach consisted in mixing all ingredients – making a very wet dough – and do a rushed bulk fermentation at 90C for an hour and 20 min (with some turns at the 30 and 60 minute mark). Then roughly shaping – more like pinching at the best of my ability – and leaving in the bannetons for the 48 hrs in the fridge, taking them out an hour or so before baking (I can sneak in the lab and pull them out) and baking them in a dutch oven. 

I tried this method and even though the bread tastes delicious, the loaves are very flattish (which is uncommon in comparison with other loaves I bake using the Tartine method) and have no oven spring (which I have sort of gotten used to…any tips?).

The picture is the one I have included, pug for kicks

However, I have been thinking about replacing that slow bulk fermentation with some french kneading. So what I have planned is autolysing for 20 min (325g water + 400g flour), then add the 80g of starter and the salt and knead french-style for about 10 min. Leave them alone for 20 min to bench rest and then shape and put into the bannetons for the 48 hrs in fridge. The baking would be the same as above. 

Should I fix the no-knead method or go ahead with the French kneading one? Any alterations or recommendations regarding any of the two would be very helpful,

Thank you in advance and sorry for the long question!

Source: Fresh Loaf