It is Possible for You to Make Your Own Espresso at Home

Turin, Italy is the birth place of a wonderful beverage commonly known as the espresso. Patented in 1884 by Angelo Moriondo, the steam-driven instant coffee led to the discovery of espresso. This Italian drink has the unique flavor and texture among all the other coffee available. During the 1950s, espresso became popular, mainly in the Berkeley and Seattle areas. During the 1980s, a Seattle Coffee chain introduced this drink in mass to the rest of the nation.

Espresso is not just a form of coffee, it is an art form. A good cup of espresso not only needs a specialized machine, but one would need to know how to operate the machine. The skills needed to make an authentic cup of espresso takes lots of practice and training.

As coffee machine technology becomes more advanced, new home units have been developed. These machines automate some of the required steps that make espresso brewing difficult. One such machine is the Breville Oracle. This espresso machine automates much of the espresso brewing process. This machine takes much of the complicated procedure like grinding, tamp or froth away from brewing a good home espresso

The Breville Oracle is completely programmable. You can even program the temperature of each shot from 190 to 205 degrees. This machine allows the home barista to perfect their own espresso in the comforts of their home. This machine also offers duel boilers and Italian pumps with frothing abilities.

Most home espresso machines use pods, while the Oracle uses whole beans. You no longer need a separate coffee grinder. Most coffee grinders are unable to grind coffee to the right consistency that espresso requires. When making your espresso with the Breville allows you use cups up to four inches in height. This machine also features an LCD, cup warmer and can brew a good cup of espresso in 90 seconds. Breville Oracle review sites are plentiful and can provide more information on the different espresso based drinks that you can brew with this machine. Nothing beats a good espresso to start your day. This drink is also a perfect way to top off an awesome dinner date.