It will be an interesting bread day

It will be an interesting bread day

Submitted by clazar123 on September 1, 2015 – 7:23am.

My first official bake in my new home and I haven’t really baked in a few months,already it is interesting. I hope it will turn out.

I fed my sd cultures last night and left the discard container on the counter overnight to make pancakes  this morning. Then I made a container (almost identical looking) of preferment for breadbaking and left it on the coounter,also. You can probablypredict what I did.

The next am, I mixed up my bread dough-I thought the preferemnt looked a bit borderline  but it was a little bubbly-and put the dough in a container to rise. I then grabbed the next container to make pancakes and realized that it was the nice active preferment. I had mixed my dough with the discard that was not fed for 2 weeks in the refrig and sat on the counter all night. 

So…I am letting the discard dough rise for a bit on the counter to feed all the beasties and then I’m going to cold retard overnight and see what happens. I also mixed up another batch of dough for a loaf.

Amazing how rusty it felt-new environment, new tools,new movement patternsand a lot of time since baking.