It's all about a KitchenAid model G

It's all about a KitchenAid model G

Hello everybody. I just bought a 1937 (I think) KitchenAid model G mixer, and it needs a little TLC before I can put it to work. So I’m hoping that the knowledgeable people here can help me out. I’m fairly competent when it comes to mechanical and electrical stuff (though I might not know the proper names for things), so I’ll be doing the work myself. Any help, tips, tricks, advice etc you can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

For reference, or if you’re just curious, this is the mixer I bought 


First thing’s first. Does anybody know where I can find a service manual? 


About grease. 

I’m pretty sure the model G was made before any special types of grease. So I’m wondering if should I use bearing grease, like what I use to pack the wheel bearings on my car? Or should I use one of the mixer grease types I’ve read about in an N50 thread here? If I should use mixer grease, what would you recommend? 

If I need parts, where can I get them? Are some parts interchangeable with a Hobart N50? Are there any particular pieces I should check for wear? 


About wiring. 

The mixer I bought obviously needs a new power cable. I was/am a little overly excited about buying the mixer so I jumped the gun and bought this from eBay The original looks pretty fat, so I’m hoping that will fit without leaving a gap…or being too big. Does anybody know how/if it will fit? What did you use? I saw an N50 with a flame paint job. That one had what looked like a braided steel cable. That would be my #1 choice if I could find one…and if it had an angled plug. I looked for one like it but I couldn’t find anything. 

The model G has a cool old fuse. I’m going to leave it in place, but I’m not going to use it. I’m not sure if I should replace it with a modern fuse (internally) or bypass it completely. What would you recommend? 


There is one attachment I need/want, but I’m not exactly sure what will work. I want a spiral dough hook. I’ve seen two that I think might work. And an expensive one that was made for an N50. Would you guys give me some parts numbers of the dough hooks that work, please? 


Well, that’s all I can think of right now. I want to know everything about the old beast, since I plan to have it for the rest of my life. So please feel free to add any useful information you can think of. Thanks.

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