KitchenAid grain mill help

KitchenAid grain mill help

Submitted by leighannh2 on August 3, 2015 – 8:18pm.

Hi everyone, I kept referring to this forum so I finally joined.

My husband was given several 5 gallon buckets of wheat (in long-term storage packaging) and I have been trying to perfect my baking using fresh ground 100% whole wheat.  I tried the KitchenAid, and had a lot of problems getting the loaf to rise, and through a lot of trial and error, I learned to bake a rustic loaf that tasted good but crumbled apart too easily, even after running the flour through 3 times.  I also tried to make pancakes with the flour, and they turned out more like cornbread.

So today I experimented with a borrowed Vitamix and baked a loaf with flour that I had ground with it.  The loaf came out great.  

So, I know it’s my mill.  However, I can’t keep borrowing the Vitamix and I can’t get a better mill for several months.  

So, do any of you have any advice on using the KitchenAid?  My mixer is one of the professional grade ones, so it seems to be handling it ok, besides getting hot after several cups.  I just wish I could get it to grind the flour finer and more thoroughly.