Kneading rye dough by hand?

Kneading rye dough by hand?


Planning to bake my first high percentage rye bread this weekend and got a question about mixing/kneading rye dough – 90% Rye Sourdough from Hamelman’s Bread. By reading around a bit, it seems like resulting dough will be very watery (paste-like) and I was wondering what is the best way to knead it? I usually slap and fold my dough (French kneading?), but with paste-like dough that would be out of the question. Can I put it in 12qt bowl and do some stretch and fold? Can this dough even be stretched or is it more akin to picking up the sides of the dough and folding over the center?

Also, can I proof shaped loafs in the bannetons like standard dough or is rye dough too sticky to risk doing that?

Thank You!

Source: Fresh Loaf