Know the Truth Before You Buy

You have seen the product on TV and wonder whether it does what it says. “It” refers to any of the hundreds of items spokespeople, actors and actresses brag about. The perfect device which will meet your every need. Or does it? Commercials are made to sell, not really inform. Even though many offer many back guarantees and claims from happy customers, it is hard to know if you can trust them or not.

The reality is that many items are good, but maybe not as earth-shattering as they claim. Others can be downright frustrating in their lack of quality. Unfortunately, it often takes purchasing one before you can find out what it is really like. If you are buying an item online or from an ad on the TV, you will have to pay shipping and handling charges on top of the sale price to discover the truth.

Even though many claim they will offer a money-back guarantee, you often are left responsible for the shipping or at the very least a “restocking fee”. These fees can add up to be as much as what you paid for the item itself.

That is why the Snooper Reviews site was started. It gives the average consumer the opportunity to hear an entirely unbiased review of the many products praised on so many commercials. These reviews are available at their website,

They personally test each item they review and give a complete description of the item’s benefits and drawbacks. The site is free to use and they accept no advertising from the companies they review from, so you know the opinions are honest and trustworthy.

One of the best features is that you can be involved in the discussion. Every review offers the opportunity for you to add your own comments. If you have had an experience which differs or if you want to ask a question about a point they left out, you are able. You can also email them to suggest products for them to review next.

Before you buy any home cleaning tool, health and fitness product or beauty-related item, check with Snooper Reviews first.