lapsed member having problems with tartine baguette dough recipe

lapsed member having problems with tartine baguette dough recipe

Submitted by cecilB on July 23, 2015 – 8:28pm.

Greetings fellow bread bakers. It’s been such a long time since I’ve been on here – I think 7 years ago! Once in a while I browse when I have time to “research” this problem I have been having with Tartine’s baguette dough recipe. 

I have been quadrupling the recipe to produce 14 loaves larger/wider loaves for sandwiches. This dough gets very big fast, and it’s fluffy, or something. Not quite sure how to describe it. Then, by the time I’ve done the folds at 40 minute intervals like it says, 6 times, and I go to round the doughs, and let them have a short bench rest, then shape them into loaves, they start tearing and after they sit and proof for a VERY short time compared to what it says in the book, they tear and look awful. Baking is such a disappointment when this happens!

So I have tried decreasing the yeast in the poolish by half, and then a little more than half. No success there. I did that because it seems like it’s just going way too fast.

Does anyone have any advice on the matter? Is it too much yeast and/or too much leavening? In the winter when it was cooler, it did happen but not as often as it does now. I have air conditioning and it stays nice and cool in the house, so could it be the hot weather? 

I can’t find any info online of anyone having this problem with this dough. I bake Chad Robertson’s Country Loaf- the main one in his Tartine Bread Book all the time and large large quantities – like 16 loaf recipes and I never have problems with the dough and the bread (when oven is cooperating) always is so wonderful and it never gives me problems. But the Baguette dough – yes. I am so frustrated with this because I always have this hope that “this time it will be fine” and then that hope is dashed straight to … well, you get the idea! 

So I have 14 very ugly loaves of bread cooling on the counter, made with the baguette dough recipe from Chad Robertson’s Tartine Bread.

Dough seems to get big fast, it doesn’t fold easily – always tearing and getting way too billowy. That’s the word – billowy! 

what do you all think?

Thanks for listening!

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