Living Healthier, Not Just Longer

As lifespans have increased the focus has been directed away from just living longer, but to living a life that is healthier and more enjoyable. It makes no sense to live longer if you are incapacitated or spending your days shuffling between doctor visits.

Luckily, it is easier than ever today to get accurate information about what it takes to live well and following those recommendations is also easy if you are serious about good health. There is little you can do about your own personal genetics, but even someone with a family history of cancer, heart disease and other serious illnesses can often beat fate.

Diet and exercise are the key ingredients. Maintain a healthy body weight by regularly consuming whole grains, fruits and vegetables while enjoying meat, dairy and sweets in moderation. Stay active by including some exercise in your schedule every day to keep blood pressure low, heart and lungs strong and prevent a variety of diseases.

Obviously, avoiding bad habits also helps. Too much alcohol, smoking and spending too much time in the sun are the most warned about. But there are others which can also damage your body. Too many processed foods, not managing stress well and neglecting to get enough sleep can also undermine your health.

Vitamins and minerals are a point of contention for many. However, the truth is, eating a perfectly balanced diet every single day is nearly impossible. Likewise, illness, pregnancy and menstrual cycles strip the body of the nutrients they need. Vitamins can fill in during those times when diet and exercise is either not possible or not enough.

It does not have to be expensive to remain in good health. Basic home cooked meals that meet the dietary needs of most individuals can be prepared with relatively inexpensive ingredients. Walking, jogging and many sports often only require a small investment in a good pair of shoes to get started. Dealsonvitamins can be found that will provide a large array of products which can be purchased for a few cents, or less, per dose.

If you want to be healthy, to live a long life with fewer worries or medical bills, there is no mystery about how to do it. All it takes are the same things your mom told you about when you were little. Eat your vegetables, take your vitamins and get outside for some fresh air.