Lose Weight and Make an Income

Plexus slim is a company that has products that focus on your overall health. The most popular item is for weight loss, however, there are also products for pain relief, multi-vitamin and antioxidants, body creams to detoxify and revitalize and a Bio Cleanse formula. There are three ways to purchase items. You can pay full retail when you order. If you sign up for an automated monthly order, you will get 10% off each month as a preferred customer. You can also become an ambassador and get all your products at wholesale every time you order.

In addition to getting items at wholesale pricing, you can make money as a plexus slim ambassador. Many people make an income and find success in this network marketing business. You can earn money by selling the product yourself and by referring other people to sell the product under you. The compensation plan dictates that at least 50% of the gross income of the company goes out in commissions and bonuses every month. The plan that the company has developed for compensation is designed to be fair, pay people properly so they can actually make a living at it, pay out various incentives and be balanced so that everyone who is working the business profits from the business.

When you are an ambassador, the plan pays seven levels down, where many multi-level marketing (mlm) companies pay on a binary system only two levels down. This allows you more opportunity to refer people, sell product on a monthly basis and get compensation for every level of achievement along the way. Some who start out in this type of marketing business get discouraged after a few months because the expectation is for them to sell large volumes od product before getting any real payment. Plexus slim requires that you sell one hundred dollars per month to collect commissions as an ambassador. That tends to be more attainable for the average person working at a business than the amount of sales required of other mlm companies.

You can use these producst to help you maintain overall health, sell these products to earn extra money, and refer people to sell these products so that you, and they, can earn an actual income. The start up is around $35.00, so the initial investment is affordable. You can also get an introduction combination package at retail to get much more information.