Lucy’s 2014 Breads of the Year

Lucy’s 2014 Breads of the Year

This is the 3rd year for Lucy’s bread picks.  In 2012, all 3 winners were mainly white SD breads by none other than TFL’s David Snyder.  Because he swept the podium, Lucy banned him for a year so he was ineligible for 2013.  His winners were SFSD, SJSD and the upside down no slash baked Pugliesi Capprioccioso

Lucy’s 2013 bread winners were all dark majority whole grain breads like Maria Speck;s Aroma Bread brought to us by Karin, Mini Oven’s 100% rye with walnuts at 104% hydration and Varda’s Double Chocolate Malt Rye that is still the best crumb we have ever seen on a black rye

This year lucy picked two white and 2 dark breads and she baked them all upping the whole grains in most of them.  Like the privious winners, all were coverted to natural leavens if they had commercial yeast in them originally and all came from blogs outside of TFL.  Here they are:

Pizza Civitavecchia brought to us by the GMA’s also known as the 3 Twisted Sisters and originally from Crumbs of love here

Westfalen Rye brought to use by Adri and originally from The Brotdoc found here:

Pane Valle Maggiore brought to us by Josh and originally from Lutz’s ploetzblog here:

Swabian Potato Bread brought to us by Lucy and originally from Brigit’s Daily Bites

Swabian Potato Bread (Schwäbisches Kartoffelbrot)

Lucy’s take on these breads are found here:

Pizza Civitavecchia

 Lucy’s Take on Adri’s Westphalian Rye

 Lucy’s Take on Josh’s Version of Pane Maggiore On Valentines Day – 2 Ways

 Lucy’s Take on Einstein’s Swabian Potato Bread – Schwäbisches Kartoffelbrot

Source: Fresh Loaf