Submitted by bikeprof on December 13, 2015 – 7:40am.

Lots of impressive work on microbakeries to be found around here, and I’d like to start a new thread dedicated to it.

I’m particularly interested in a few issues:

– equipping a small one person operation

– design of small spaces for bread productivity/quality/efficiency

– production capacity and scheduling 

Of course, links to great examples/stories/resources are great too…

I think my first big questions (althouth they are all so interdependent) are about:

– choosing an oven and…

– production quantities.  

Some neat examples of people making beautiful bread in conventional home ovens, but a small modular commercial deck oven with steam is really my ideal (except from the standpoint of $$$ of course).  Having used commercial equipment, I realize how nice it is.

But now, the smart reader would say…but you didn’t say how much you want to produce!  I don’t know that yet (and that depends on my equipment/space), but I’d like to be able to get up to around 50 loaves per baking day, doing a couple bakes per week, but I’m not sure what is reasonable for one person to produce, doing all sourdough with overnight retard of shaped loaves.