Mini Cini Bun Experiment

Mini Cini Bun Experiment

Submitted by dobie on December 4, 2015 – 4:33pm.

The Holidays are here and cinnamon is in the air. I’ve been craving a cinnamon bun for a few weeks now, so today I have commited myself to walking on the sweet side and making some.

I’m making this up as I go along, but here are my goals (with explainations).

Girl brings home (once or twice a year) a store bought package called ‘Babka’. It is not like any other Babka I’ve ever seen or had, but it is quite delicious and will be an influence on this recipe. It is essentially a cinnamon roll made in a typical bread pan, except the swirl of bread is very thin and loose when done, the swirled layers seperated by the filling (butter, sugar, cinnamon, a few raisins, some orange zest (I think) and air space. Dense but still somewhat light. It is rich, sweet, moist, tender and wonderful. No icing involved.

I want to incorporate many of these qualities in my Mini Cini Buns. They should be at most 2 inches round and perhaps an inch to an inch and a half high. They will be lightly drizzeled with a dark chocolate/orange ganache. They will not be the typical ‘mall’ cinnamon bun in miniature. Much less bread (or cake if you like) then those.

I’ve looked at many recipes and their reviews both here on TFL and various other websites (and cook books). I eventually decided on one of the most enriched recipes I found (why cut corners?) and that was Cook’s Illustrated’s – America’s Test Kitchen (ATK) recipe. So I wrote their ingredient list out and divided it into thirds.

 I know this is foreign to many, but I only want a bite or two of one or a few before they go stale in a few days. For better or worse, that is how I am with sweets. I like them, but in small quantities, please.

I eliminated ATK’s use of Corn Starch in the flour as well as changed a few techniques in the mixing. Here is what I used for the dough. I will give ingredient values as grams, ounces (all by weight, not volume) and ‘measures’.

As of yet, I do not have the capacity to weigh under a 2g resolution, so salt, yeast and small things will have to be in teaspoons (ts) for now. Weights (in grams and ounces) are as they appeared on my scale from the measures of ATK’s 1/3 recipe. No math involved, other than that.



All Purpose flour  194g (6.8 oz, 1.5 C fluffed)

Sugar  34g (1.2 oz, 1/6 C)

1 egg  50g (1.7 oz)

Butter, Unsalted  56g (2 oz, 4 TB or 1/2 stick US) ATK suggests room temp, mine was fridged

Salt, Diamond Crystal Kosher  1 ts (1/2 ts table salt)

Yeast, SAF Instant  3/4 ts


This is just what I have used (not my final recommendation) based on ATK’s recipe.

We’ll see what happens. I’ll post some pics shortly on the rolling and such.