Moving From Home into a College Dorm

Q: I’ve just been accepted to New York University, and don’t know whether I should move to a dorm or find some roommate to live with. Can you advise me?  Mary P., Washington, DC

A: Thank you for your question. Without a doubt, you should gratefully accept a dormitory room. We understand that it can be a little intimidating to move to a new city and make new friends. You have no doubt gotten used to the luxury of living at home. When students leave home, they will be giving up familiar things, like big-screen TVs and walk-in tubs. But we highly recommend that you give dorm life a try, at least for the first year. We further suggest that you choose an on-campus dormitory. You will quickly make new friends and will no doubt rapidly learn about all the pleasant pass-times available to you in Manhattan. New York University borders Washington Square Park, a bustling haven for students and young entrepreneurs. You will find all sorts of interesting people there 24 hours a day, so you will never run out of opportunities to connect with others. Even though the air quality isn’t that good, there is nothing like walking around the park early in the day and filling your lungs with the bracing morning air – some people have liked the experience so much, they’ve described it as “getting high”. How lovely!

We assume you’ve contacted a moving company and are packing as we write. Our advice is to pack exceedingly light. If you haven’t before experienced a NYU dorm room, let’s make it clear that they are quite cozy. You will probably have room for your computer, a few books and perhaps a hot plate. Leave everything else at home. Don’t worry about clothing. All you will need is a couple of pairs of shorts and jeans, a few tops, and a warm coat for the winter. Most college students dress casually, and NYU students are second to none in their informality. Along West Broadway you will be able to shop at vintage clothing stores where you can buy a whole wardrobe for less than $100.

Now, regarding food, most universities require freshmen to be on the food plan if they live in a dorm. This will be just fine- you will surely find something you like every day. And on special occasions, treat yourself to a slice of the Big Apple’s famous pizza pie. You will find the New York pies quite delicious, especially if you like your pizza with a generous dose of olive oil. Also, there are wonderful hotdogs available on every corner from street vendors who devote their lives to serving hotdogs at the same corner for years or decades at a time. So enjoy dormitory life – you will never have any regrets.