Multi-Grain Levain (bread)

Multi-Grain Levain (bread)

Haven’t been posting for quite sometime, due to some technical problem with my computer which doesn’t display pages properly. Hopefully it gets better with Firefox. 

After reading David post on mixed seeded loaf, I decided to go back to BREAD and bake along. This week I have baked multigrain levain. I have followed the formula to the spot apart from hydration, I up it to 80%+ as the dough felt a little dry when I mixed it. For soaker, I used barley flakes, wheat flakes, oat flakes, flaxseeds, sesame seeds and corn meal. 

The crumb is not as open as I would have hoped, but considered it has 20% soaker and 50% wholewheat i guess its not too bad after all. Gonna have it for lunch tomorrow with avocado and tomato. I bet it will make a fantastic sandwich!! 


Source: Fresh Loaf