my second sourdough loaf

my second sourdough loaf

Submitted by Lokbot on October 28, 2015 – 9:29pm.

This is my second loaf I’ve made with my starter.  I’m pretty happy with it.  I would have liked a little more oven spring.  I think my bread slightly over proofed.  It flattened out quite a bit when I slashed it.

I made a 750 g loaf, 75% hydration, 100% hydration levain, 90% KA AP flour, 5% bobs red mill dark rye, 5% bobs red mill.

Oven was heated to 500*, loaf was placed under an inverted 7 quart oval staub dutch oven.  Baked for 25 minutes.  When I removed the dutch oven I checked the temp and it was 209* F so I pulled the loaf from the oven.  I felt like the crust could have gotten a little darker.  When it cooled down a for about half an hour the crust felt a bit thin and limp so I threw it into my toaster oven at 450 because it has convection.  I let it go for 15 minutes.  The flavor was excellent.  A very mild acidity, extremely moist crumb.  The crust was just slightly over cooked(bitter), When the bread was at room temperature the crumb’s mouth feel was a little too tacky for me.  Slightly warmed it was delicious.

Again I’m pretty happy with this loaf and looking forward to my next one.