My Wood Fired Pizza Oven

My Wood Fired Pizza Oven

I took the plunge a month or so ago and bought a pizza oven for our patio. I am still “dialing it in”, as it were, but I was able to make some outstanding pizza with it this weekend.

The photos are on my phone and I’ve never had much success posting from my phone to my fresh loaf blog, so you’ll have to just take my word for it.  Or, if you are so inclined, you can read a review and see some photos on my word press blog.

The neighbors truly raved about the pizza. But more important than what they thought, I thought it came out great. I am already looking forward to next weekend’s guests.  I made the pies with sourdough; some 30% whole wheat, some 100% Caputo 00 flour. Next week I will likely make the 30% whole wheat again, as I cannot, in good conscience, make 100% refined white flour pizza.

If you’re thinking of getting a Pizza Party wood-fired oven, despite its cheesy name, I can say that it is a very worthy oven for making pizzas.

Source: Fresh Loaf